Newspaper Ad from Dr. Parrott

Newspaper Ad - Dr. Parrott

From the 12 Jul 1898 issue of the Kinston Free Press is this ad from Dr. Parrott. My father was born at Parrot Hospital. I have not yet done a lot of research on the Parrot’s, but I bet you this was one of the influential family members!


2 thoughts on “Newspaper Ad from Dr. Parrott

  1. My next door neighbor told me a story about a Dr. Parrott getting up a group of men to serve as a medical group for the U.S. Army during WW I. Mr. Russell lived to be 103. He was in his late 80’s when he told me the story. He and his best friend served with Dr. Parrott in France and Mr. Russell drove an ambulance. I told him that Ernest Hemmingway had driven an ambulance during that war, but Mr. Russell said he didn’t know him.


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