Cove Items – 20 Jul 1898

Kinston Free Press
20 Jul 1898

Cove Items

  • Capt. and Mrs. S.E. EWELL, after spending some time visiting relatives, returned to their home last Monday, at Southport.
  • Mrs. M.A. WATERS and grand-daughter, Miss Ada THOMPSON, of Dover, came last week to spend some time visiting relatives.
  • There will be a picnic at Core Creek church near Cove, Friday, before the first Sunday in August, free for everybody with well-filled baskets.  The managers promise to make this the best ever held at Cove.  Let all attend and do their part and no one will be disappointed.
  • A little stranger arrived at our house about three weeks ago, large to his age and very loud, especially when others want to sleep.  We would like to name him for the next Democratic president and if the editor of the Free Press can name the man we are ready to  name the baby. – [How about William J. – Ed.].
  • Miss Lizzie EWELL came last week and took charge of Cove school; and Mrs. Jarrette WHITE, the Core Creek school.  These schools are less than a mile apart, and if all the children over six and under twenty-one would attend each would average over seventy-five.  The committee claim they will be able to give a five months’ term.

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