Hugo Items – 21 Jul 1898

Kinston Free Press
21 Jul 1898

Hugo Items

  • Mr. Bob NELSON is smiling. It’s a great big girl.
  • Mr. W.P. GILBERT is smilig too. It’s a fine boy.
  • Mr. David JONES, of Ormondsville, spent today with us
  • Mrs. Bertie MCCOY has returned from visiting her brother in Pitt county
  • Master Jesse JOHNSON, son of Mrs. Pattie JOHNSON, fell through a cart yesterday afternoon and peeled the flesh from his bone about six inches long from ankle to knee.
  • I am sorry to announce the death of Mr. John HOOTEN’s little girl, Lena. She was taken sick Sunday night and died Monday morning. The burial took place at Sharon Tuesday afternoon.
  • Mr. Robert HARRIS’ little girl, Sidney, died Tuesday morning in the same house. Mr. HOOTEN’s little girl was taken out for burial and Mr. HARRIS’ little girl was put in the same cradle a corpse. Mr. HARRIS’ little girl will be buried at Edwards’ Chapel this afternoon.

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