Republican Judicial Convention

Kinston Free Press
July 21, 1898

The Republican National Convention — Three counties (Onslow, Jones and Cateret) bolted the Republican judicial convention held Thursday at Warsaw, at which C.P. LOCKEY was nominated for judge.

Onslow, Jones, Lenoir, Greene and Carteret delegates opposed making a nomination for judge until after the State convention. Resolutions were passed endorsing the State and national administrations.

J.E. CAMERON was named as executive commiteeman from Lenoir. R.D.S. DIXON from Greene. Abe MIDDLETON, colored, of Duplin, and John T. HOWE, colored, of New Hanover, were made committeemen at large.

It is understood that the delegates from Greene, Onslow, Jones, Cateret and Lenoir want the Populists to have the judgeship, while the Lockey adherents are dead opposed to that course. The three counties which withdrew from the convention are each entitled to a representative on the executive committee, if they demand it, and in anticipation that they will make the demand and then would have a majority of the committee, including the two committeemen from Greene and Lenoir, they have been forestalled by adding two members at large to the committee. The LOCKEY men thus prevent the opposition form getting control of the committee, in which event the committee might “take down” Mr. LOCKEY and “put up” a Populist candidate for judge.

A resolution was adopted favoring fusion – the Republicans to take the judgeship, the Populists, the solicitorship. RICHARDSON will probably be renominated for solicitor by the Populists.


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