Biographical Sketch: Kleber Denmark

While indexing the July 22, 1898 issue of the Kinston Free Press I noticed this newspaper ad and it caught my eye. Kleber Denmark is certainly an unusual name, so I was interested in seeing if I could learn more about him.

Some quick searching and about 30 minutes later, I was able to find some information about him and thought I’d put together this bio sketch. Who knows? Maybe one of his descendants will be searching for him.

Kleber Denmark was born in August 1866 to Stephen H. & Susan W. Denmark. In 1870, 32 year old Stephen and his 26 year-old wife are living in Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina with 4 year-old Kleber and 6 year-old George. Stephen is listed as merchant with about $2500 worth of real estate. The family also has a 22 year-old Joseph Denmark living with them – I wonder if this may be a brother of Stephen’s? [1, 2]

In 1880 the family has moved to Goldsboro in Wayne County, North Carolina. Their son George is now 15 and son Kleber is 13. Stephen is still in the merchant business. They have a new boarder now – a 28 year-old teacher named George W. Butler. [3]

In 1900 Kleber is a boarder and residing in the household of James Chadwick of Kinston, Lenoir County, whom is married with kids and has several boarders. It is in this census that I learned he was born in the month of August. Kleber’s occupation reflects that of the newspaper ad; jeweler. [4]

By 1910 Kleber has begun his family. He is still in Kinston, now married to wife Florence. Florence was born around 1879 in North Carolina, but her father, Robert M. Starkey was born in Virginia. Her mother, Martha, was born in North Carolina. Florence’s parents live with her and her husband. At this point, Kleber and Florence have been married 10 years and have five children: [5]

  • Sherwood – born abt. 1902
  • George – born abt. 1904
  • Kleber Jr. – born 7 Aug 1905 [6],
  • Martha – born abt. 1905
  • Staugh – born 21 Dec 1909

In 1920 the family is still in Kinston, with kids Sherwood, George, Kleber Jr. & Martha. Florence’s sister Emma lives with them. [7] Staugh is not listed here, but I think he died. There is a listing for him on the Maplewood Cemetery list, that says he died in 1911, but the birth date as transcribed appears to be wrong. It has 1903 when I think it should be 1909.

In 1930 I cannot locate the family, so that remains for another day. But, I did locate a few gedcoms on with lineage information on Kebler’s ancestors.

From some Google searching, I found some interesting items – including a notice from a nearby newspaper, The Reflector, that his wife, in 1904 took a visit to her parents. From the Kinston Free Press Index, I found two entries with his name mentioned:

  • In April of 1898, Kleber attended a barbeque hosted by the local Odd Fellows
  • In July of 1898, Kleber, referred to as “Kleber, the jeweler” spent the evening with a W.A. Wilson

Kleber died July 6, 1935 in Kinston [8] and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery. The cemetery listing of Maplewood Cemetery has more specific information on other family members in case you want to keep on looking! This has been an useful exercise. Now, I know much more about Kebler shoud I run into him again.

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[8] North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-2004. Cited 16 May 2008. [link]


4 thoughts on “Biographical Sketch: Kleber Denmark

  1. Several years ago I purchased a brooch, possibly hand painted, that came with its original box. Inside the box it says Kleber Denmark, Jeweler, Kinston NC. I asked my sister in law who’d grown up in Kinston if it rang a bell with her and she said it did not, so I figured the store no longer existed. I was so pleased to find this site and the information provided.

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  4. I am researching this Denmark line, and was pleased to find your biographical sketch. It was very helpful. Thank you.


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