Feature Friday: Footnote.com

Feature Friday posts will feature relevant information from a chosen online resource. This month, the database is Footnote.

FootNote.com focuses on providing high-quality digital images of historical documents online.  There are a wide variety of collections available on the site, but for this post, I’ll focus on one of their free collections – a virtual recreation of the Vietnam Memorial. It is so amazing – over 6,000 images were taken and stitched together to form a single digital image.  You can read more about it here.

Every name on the wall can be selected and users can add comments about the soldiers listed.  People listed on the wall can be searched, or you can browse by several categories, including hometown.

Thus, here are some of the soldiers listed on the wall.

From Kinston

  • Charles Curtis Whitfield (African-American)
  • Bobby Lee Barber (African-American)
  • Rocky Pearson O’Ham
  • John Vernon Berg
  • Jimmie Lloyd McBynum (African-American)
  • Daniel H Lawler
  • Carl Lee Hill Jr
  • Gary Morgan Pridgen
  • Johnny Miller (African-American)
  • Woodrow Wilson Ham Jr
  • Vernell Henry Miller Jr (African-American)
  • Sylvester Lewis Brown (African-American)
  • Dempsey Woodrow Parrott
  • Curtis Ray McLawhorn (African-American)
  • Seth Lee West Jr
  • Rodolph Lee Nunn Jr

From Pink Hill

  • Alex Ray Houston

To see more information about these soldiers, visit the list @ Footnote and click on each one’s names to see several details about their service – including date of birth, period of enlistment, type of casualty, etc.  Some of these surnames I recognize from the time I’ve been working on my tree and individuals from the area.   The Nunn surname for example is one that I know from the work on the white Koonce family lineage.

Rodolph Lee Nunn Jr.

I decided to do a little Ancestry searching and found a newspaper article that mentions Maj. Rodolph Nunn Jr.  The article was from the April 25, 1964 issue of Stars & Stripes Newspaper and reports on Nunn’s responsibilities as a test pilot in France where he was living with his wife and two kids. At the time he was 34 years old and had 12 1/2 years of service. There are pictures included in the article, but the Ancestry scans are not very clear.  The article can be found here if you have an Ancestry subscription.  Rodolph Jr. is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  His FindAGrave listing has a lot of information about him.  The picture here is from his FindAGrave page.


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