1916 NC Yearbook

A fellow member of one of the genealogy societies I belong to shared a link tonight to a site with all kind of state directories. One of them, the 1916 North Carolina yearbook had the following items related to Lenoir & Craven counties:

  • 5 Jan 1915 — Mutual Aid Banking Company, of New Bern, negro institution, was closed.
  • 27 Feb 1915 – Emmet R. Wooten, of Kinston, Speaker of the House of Representatives,  died in Rex Hospital, Raleigh, as a result of an automobile accident on road near Raleigh in which William Aycock was killed.
  • 28 Feb 1915 – Late speaker Emmet R. Wooten buried at his home in Kinston, a great crowd in attendance at his funeral.
  • 25 Mar 1915 – Carter-Abernathy committee took up sitting in New Bern to hear other evidence in case
  • 29 Mar 1915 – Carter-Abernathy committee attached no importance to immorality charges, Chairman Doughton announced when Judge Frank Carter goes on stand in own behalf
  • 30 Mar 1915 – Carter-Abernathy committee heard oral argument and adjourned until April 26, when report will be formulated
  • 11 May 1915 – New Bern fire company tendered wholesale resignation
  • 12 May 1915 – N J Rouse, of Kinston, announced he will not be candidate for Attorney General against Judge Frank Carter
  • 31 May 1915 – Baugham case, which started the Carter-Abernathy controversy, discussed at New Bern.
  • 3 Jun 1915 – Judge George W. Connor, ordered at New Bern court, all records against Solicitor Abernathy explained.
  • 26 Jul 1915 – Kinston visited by $50,000 fire.
  • 31 Oct 1915 – Chief of Police,  C. M. Walters, of Raleigh, died on the day terminating his service of the city in that capacity, and C. F. Koonce, who was elected on the sixteenth of the month took charge.
  • 16 Nov 1915 – Fire destoryed Norfolk Southern shop at New Bern
  • 4 Dec 1915 – Mrs. Julia French, a real daughter of the revolution, died at Kinston

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