Brothers Draw Guns

Kinston Free Press
3 Nov 1903

Newbern, Nov. 2 — What came near terminating in a tragedy occurred today at the post office of the Pine Lumber Company, of this city, where two brothers were the principles.  The matter was over a financial dispute.  J.E.  Hawk, one of the parties involved, is president of the company, which does a large business, and the other, E.G.  Hawk, is manager of one of the small mills of the company at Croatan, 10 miles from this city.   It seems that J.E. Hawk had suspician that the financial affairs of E.G. Hawk were not what they ought to be so this morning J.E.  Hawk, learning that his brother was in the city, drove to Croatan and got possession of the books used at the mill and brought them back with him.  

When E.G. Hawk had been informed of his brother’s actions he went to the office of the company and demanded that the books be returned to him, but upon refusal, witnesses says, he drew his revolver and then demanded the books.    The other ran his hand to his hip in an attempt to draw his pistol, but W.F. Aberley, secretary and treasurer of the company, interferred, and in the melee one gun was exploded, but no damage was done.  An officer arrived on the scene and arrested all the parties.  The preliminary trial was held this afternoon and E.G. Hawk was held under $100 bond for his appearane at court, also $500 justified bond that he would keep the peace for six months.  Aberley was put under a $50 bond.


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