Beauty Show Is On

Kinston Free Press — 3 Nov 1903

The annual flower show is on and the Pythian and Odd Fellows’ hall, over Mr. W.H. Cox’s store, has been transformed into a veritable bower of beauty by the tasteful arrangement of the magnificent “winter rose,” by the lady managers of the show.   

Diversified pleasures await the comming of immense throngs of people who will visit the show before the close tomorrow night and they will witness this season the most magnificent display of chrysanthemums that has ever been gotten together in this city.  Though the flower show is confined to the chrysanthemum the various colors effect a beautiful picture that transports one into fairy land.

Society in its gayest attire will be there in large numbers and the beautiful belles and gallant beaus will add a charm to the scene.  Tonight there will be raffled off at 10 cents a chance a beautiful bronze vase, of gold and green with Oriental figure in bas relief that is a prize worth winning.   The manner of the raffle is to pay your money and write your name and number on a slip of paper, which is placed in a receptacle with all others and when the required number of chances  have been sold a child will draw the lucky slip from the lot and somebody’s girl will get a handsome prize. 

In the rear of the hall arrangements have been made for the sportsman, who with rod and reel wishes to cast a line for the finny tribe.  At great expense a large fish ponde has been constructed which is stocked with every member of the firmy tribe that disport themselves in the dark recesses of the deep in their elusive chase from the sportsman’s fly. 

There are mountain trout, robin, red fin, bull head and the pride of fishermen who haunt the waters of eastern Carolina, the wide mouthed chub, may be captured if the angler is expert enough.  The fish pond will undoubtedsly be the Mecca of the sportsmn and there is fish for everybody so the amateur need not fear for derision because of fisherman’s luck.”   For the privilege of this popular spor, in private waters, the sportsman only pays ten cents, chidren 5. 

The annual show has an annual auspicious opening and is destined to be a brilliant success.


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