Resolutions of Sympathy

Kinston Free Press  – 5 Nov 1903

Resolutions of Sympathy — Philanthropic Hall, University of N.C.

Whereasa, Almighty God has infinite wisdom and foresight has seen fit to remove from our midst, our beloved companion and fellow member, Charles F. Hoell, of Aurora, N.C., ; be it

Resolved, 1st.  That while bowing with unquestioning submission to the divine will and while our herts are saddened, we are grateful that the memory of him will be with us.

2nd. That in his death, the Philanthropic Society loses one of its most gifted member, and the University one of its most promising alumni.

3d.  That we recognize the fact that in him we have had a rare exemplification of young manhood, honor, devotion to his family and duty; and we deeply deplore his death.

4th.  That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased with the tenderest sympathy of every member of the Philanthropic Society and that they be recorded in the minutes of the society, and copies be furnished the University Magazine, the Kinston Free Press, and the Washington Gazette-Messenger.


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