Killed By Lightening

Richmond Times – newspaper of Richmond, VA
15 Apr 1900

KILLED BY LIGHTENING (dated 14 Apr) — Thomas Tyndall, aged seventeen years, son of Mr. and Mrs.  J.J. Tyndal, was killed yesterday morning by lightening at his home, in Pink Hill Township, about sixteen miles from Kinston. 

In the company with his brother, Mr. J.O. Tyndal, he was plowing in the field, when on account of the rain coming up, they mounted their horses and started for the house.  When they had advanced about one hundred yards a stroke of lightening killed the young man and the horse he was on instantly.  His brother was only a few yards in the rear, and the lightening shocked him to such an extent that he fell from his horse.  He got up in a few moments and went to his brother, and found him dead.  He then went to the house for assistance, and, returning, carried the gody home.  It was found that the lightening had broken the skin back of the neck on the left shoulder. 

The electric storm of yesterday was the severest that has prevailed in this section in years.  It burned out all the fuses of the telephone system, burned out six drop numbers in the central office, and splintered nearly all to pieces seven poles on the line from Kinston to Snow Hill, near Mr. J.P. Tucker’s place, about a mile from here.  Scores of people report sever shocks.


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