Taylor “Not Guilty”

Kinston Free Press
21 Nov 1898

In the case of D.G. TAYLOR, for killing J.D. SUTTON, Judge Robinson finished his charge to the jury about 5 o’clock Saturday afternoon. The jury retired, and in about an hour returned a verdict of “not guilty.” This was equivalent to saying the killing was in self-defense, and that the defendant was blameless in the matter.

A considerable number of people think that the evidence pointed clearly to a case of manslaughter, and that life in becoming too cheap in this community. The speech by C.B. AYCOCK, closing for the prosecution is spoken by all who heard it as powerful, logical and convincing. Mr. TAYLOR was today sentenced to four months in jail, and to pay a fine of $200 for carrying a concealed weapon, an account of which appears on another page.