Arrested For Murder

From the February 1, 1900 issue of The Times newspaper of Richmond, VA.

Kinston, N.C., Jan 31 – McCoy Waters was arrested in Kinston this morning, charged with murder.  The facts in the case are about as follows:  

A man living in Kinston was during the year 1898 a Pinkerton detective in the State of Georgia.  The crime of murder was committed by one McCoy Waters, at Douglas, Ga.  This Pinkerton detective had known Waters before the crime was committed.  Waters skipped and was not apprehended.  

This Pinkerton detective moved to Kinston about a year ago to engage in business.  A short time ago he saw the man Waters.  He corresponded with the authorities in Georgia, and made sure he was after the right man, and also found that a reward of $50 was offered for his capture.  A warrant was issued this morning, and Waters was arrested by Policeman Brinson and Messrs. H.C. Brewer, J.H. Rouse and Albert Phillips.  Upon his arrest he neither denied or affirmed the charge.  He was lodged in the jail here.  Waters is a man about fifty years of age, and weighs about 160 pounds.  There seems to be no doubt that he is the right man.

December 1898 Marriages

Kinston Free Press – 2 Jan 1899


  • Bishop Chancey and Katie Harper
  • Daniel Brinson and Julia Whaley
  • I.J. Broados and Mollie White
  • J.N. Bryant and Ida May Turnage
  • James Cauley and Kate Thomas
  • B.Goodman and Alice E. Sutton
  • R.D. Hart and Sue Herring
  • John Jenkins and Penny Jenkins
  • Wm. Jones and Anges Dale
  • B.F. Jones and Ellen Rebecca Moore
  • J.P. Murphy and Ella Howard
  • Matthew H. Smith and Sarah H. Smith
  • R.B. Morgan and Nannie Allen
  • Benj. Sullivan and Claude Arthur
  • John I. Sutton and Cora L. Fields
  • C.H. Smith and Myrtle Marquette
  • Daniel Potter and Sarah E. Nunn
  • D.R. Phillips and Clara Turnage
  • W.N. Rouse and Clemmie L. Smith


  • Henry Albritton and Sarah Sutton
  • Guilford Bell and Victoria Becks
  • William Bess and Virginia Dawson
  • Will Blount and Rena Suggs
  • Geo. W. Best and Hattie Miller
  • Lewis Chadwick and Sue Wilson
  • Henry Daughtery and Rozella Rhem
  • Henry Gardner and Winnie Davis
  • C.S. Harper and Matilda Wayne
  • Manuel Hill and Julia Moseley
  • John Hargett and Percilla Brown
  • Joshua Isler and Charity Coleman
  • Joe James and Lizzie Outlaw
  • I.F. Lane and Jane Fields
  • James Lovitt and Louise Daughtery
  • John Lee and Hannah Johnson
  • Zebedee Nunn and Bertha Harrison
  • J.F. Noble and Alice Plummer
  • Herbert Soloman and Bessie Dunn
  • Atlas Outlaw and Ora Cople
  • Sam Sutton and Mariah Gardner