Fire Proof Record Books

The work of putting in fire proof vaults for records has been completed and accepted by the board of county commissioners. ┬áLenoir county’s public records are now protected with the best equipped steel fire proof vaults that can be had and the clerk’s and register of deeds’ offices besides being so protected from fire are from an artistic point of view very handsome and cozy quarters.

The steel furniture, steel fire proof record files and steel roller shelf cabinets for the books of the offices, all painted with brass trimmings, make a well ordered setting to the newly painted ceiling and whitewashed walls.

Thirteen inches of brick and cement have been added to the walls, Cortright steel roofing on steel beams with 12 inches of concrete and cement on top of it furnishes the overhead protection and steel fire proof doors with combination locks make of the rooms absolutely fire proof storage for the public records of the county.

The contractor for the work was let to B.F. SMITH Fire Proof Construction Co., of Washington, D.C., and the work has been under the supervision of Capt. Price FURPLESS, a genial North Carolinian, of Southport, whose experience in such work is attested by the success with which he managed this contract.

The work was approved and highly recommended by the board of commissioners and general satisfaction is exdressed by the officers at the court house.

Capt. FURPLESS has been in the city about two months and he and Mrs. FURPLESS have gained a number of friends by their pleasant manner.  He will leave for Trenton tomorrow, where he goes to superintend the building of a three-room fire proof record vault for Jones county, his company having succeeded in getting the contract over the bids of a number of competitors.