Taylor Gets Four Months

Kinston Free Press
21 Nov 1898

State vs. D.G. TAYLOR, concealed weapons.  Defendent plead guilty. Sentenced to four months in jail and to pay a fine of $200 and costs.

In passing sentence in the above case, Judge ROBINSON referred to the murder trial, and said that the defendant should have been found guilty, even according to his own evidence, of manslaughter at least.  The judge further said that the records of this term of court show that he had sentenced a negro boy to jail fourmonths for carrying a concealed weapon, and another negro to jail twelve months for cutting; and here is a man of superior race, who had been defying the law against concealed weapons ever since the law was passed  – a man of intelligence, who knew better – a man who had not expressed the least contrition for the act.  Under these circumstances, the judge said, he could do no less than sentence him to jail for four months and to pay a fine of $200 and the costs. 

The defendant appealed, on the ground of excessive punishment, and gave bail in the sum of $500 for his appearance at the next term of court. 

Several cases were continued on the criminal docket.

  • State vs. Edward DOVE, contempt. Not guilty. 
  • State vs. James COLLEY and Emma COLLEY, opposing an officer.  Appeal. Not Guilty. 
  • State vs. Green BYRD, abandonment. Nol pros. 

The criminal docket was completed this morning.  None of the cases on the civil docket seem to be ready for trial, and the court is practically over with, and doubtless will be ended by the time this ever reaches our readers.


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