Arrested For Murder

From the February 1, 1900 issue of The Times newspaper of Richmond, VA.

Kinston, N.C., Jan 31 – McCoy Waters was arrested in Kinston this morning, charged with murder.  The facts in the case are about as follows:  

A man living in Kinston was during the year 1898 a Pinkerton detective in the State of Georgia.  The crime of murder was committed by one McCoy Waters, at Douglas, Ga.  This Pinkerton detective had known Waters before the crime was committed.  Waters skipped and was not apprehended.  

This Pinkerton detective moved to Kinston about a year ago to engage in business.  A short time ago he saw the man Waters.  He corresponded with the authorities in Georgia, and made sure he was after the right man, and also found that a reward of $50 was offered for his capture.  A warrant was issued this morning, and Waters was arrested by Policeman Brinson and Messrs. H.C. Brewer, J.H. Rouse and Albert Phillips.  Upon his arrest he neither denied or affirmed the charge.  He was lodged in the jail here.  Waters is a man about fifty years of age, and weighs about 160 pounds.  There seems to be no doubt that he is the right man.

Wedding of Ed Rouse and Iola Sutton

Kinston Free Press – 6 Nov 1903

Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 o’clock in the Free Will Baptist church at Hugo occurred one of the most beautiful weddings ever seen at that place.  Mr. Ed Rouse was united in marriage to Miss Iola Sutton, the beautiful and charming daughter of Mr. B.F.  Sutton, of Greenville, and the church was well filled with relatives and friends of the bridal couple.  The attendants were: Miss Blanche Abbott with Mr. Dan Abbott, Miss Nannie Rouse with Mr. Tom Dawson, Miss Eva Abbott with Mr. Bob Abbott, Miss Mamie Dawson with Mr. Robert Rouse.  

The bride entered leaning on the arm of Miss Eva Abbott and was met at the altar by the groom and best man, Mr. Tom Dawson.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. S.W. Sumrell.  After the ceremony the bridal party drove to the home of the groom’s parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Rouse, where a bountiful supper was prepared for them. We congratulate them on their choice and wish them a long an prosperous life.

December 1898 Marriages

Kinston Free Press – 2 Jan 1899


  • Bishop Chancey and Katie Harper
  • Daniel Brinson and Julia Whaley
  • I.J. Broados and Mollie White
  • J.N. Bryant and Ida May Turnage
  • James Cauley and Kate Thomas
  • B.Goodman and Alice E. Sutton
  • R.D. Hart and Sue Herring
  • John Jenkins and Penny Jenkins
  • Wm. Jones and Anges Dale
  • B.F. Jones and Ellen Rebecca Moore
  • J.P. Murphy and Ella Howard
  • Matthew H. Smith and Sarah H. Smith
  • R.B. Morgan and Nannie Allen
  • Benj. Sullivan and Claude Arthur
  • John I. Sutton and Cora L. Fields
  • C.H. Smith and Myrtle Marquette
  • Daniel Potter and Sarah E. Nunn
  • D.R. Phillips and Clara Turnage
  • W.N. Rouse and Clemmie L. Smith


  • Henry Albritton and Sarah Sutton
  • Guilford Bell and Victoria Becks
  • William Bess and Virginia Dawson
  • Will Blount and Rena Suggs
  • Geo. W. Best and Hattie Miller
  • Lewis Chadwick and Sue Wilson
  • Henry Daughtery and Rozella Rhem
  • Henry Gardner and Winnie Davis
  • C.S. Harper and Matilda Wayne
  • Manuel Hill and Julia Moseley
  • John Hargett and Percilla Brown
  • Joshua Isler and Charity Coleman
  • Joe James and Lizzie Outlaw
  • I.F. Lane and Jane Fields
  • James Lovitt and Louise Daughtery
  • John Lee and Hannah Johnson
  • Zebedee Nunn and Bertha Harrison
  • J.F. Noble and Alice Plummer
  • Herbert Soloman and Bessie Dunn
  • Atlas Outlaw and Ora Cople
  • Sam Sutton and Mariah Gardner

Cyclopedia of Eminent Men in North Carolina

Individuals profiled in the Cyclopedia of Eminent and Representative Men of the Carolinas of the Nineteenth Century (published 1892) with connections to Lenoir County.  Click on thier names to read the biography. 

Hon. William Turner Faircloth – born 1829 in Edgecombe County, NC.  Husband of Evelyn Wooten, daughter of Council Wooten of Mosely Hall (now LaGrange).  William & Evelyn were married in Lenoir County on January 10, 1867.  

Dr. Henry Tull – born in 1855 in Lenoir County.  Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1876.  Married to Myrtie Wooten, daughter of W.T. and Elizabeth J. Wooten in 1882. 

Dr. James M. Hodges – born in 1862 in Lenoir County.  Son of Simon E. and Persis S. (Harper) Hodges.  1st married to Nancy Turnage, 2nd married to widower Addie G. Mosely; and thirdly, to Emma E. Fields. 

Dr. John Pollock – born in Onslow County in 1884; practiced medicine and retired in Lenoir County.  Married 1st to Olivia B. Humphrey, 2nd to Annie Loftin, and thirdly to Agnes P. Jones. 

Dr. Jacob M. Hadley – born in Chatham County in 1835, son of William Penn Hadley & Hannah (McPherson) Hadley.  Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1860.  Married Lizzie E. Kirkpatrick of Orange County in 1860. 

Hugh M. McDonald – druggist in LaGrange born in 1840 in Moore County.  Established his business in LaGrange in 1873 .  Married Mattie N. Hall in 1880. 

Hon. George W. Sanderlin — born in 1843 in Camden County, NC.  Was a lawyer, military man, religious leader, and one time an agricultural editor for the Kinston Free Press.  Married Eliza Wooten of Lenoir County, daughter of Council Wooten.

Prof. Joseph Kinsey — principle of the Kinsey female seminary in LaGrange.  Born in 1843 in Jones County. Came to Lenoir County in 1869 and established the seminary in 1886.  In 1868 he married Fannie Kinsey, daughter of J.H. Kinsey of Jones County. 

James F. Taylor – born in 1864 in Lenoir County. Secretary & treasurer of Orion Knitting Mills of Kinston. 

John D. Walters – born in 1858 in Lenoir County, son of Hawyood & Sally (Rouse) Walters.  Established a mercantile business in 1882.  In 1877 married Julia E. Hardy of Lenoir County. In 1886 married Kate E. Woolard of Lenoir County. 

Samuel H. Abbott – born 1839 in Lenoir County, son of Thomas J. and Lucinda (Phillips) Abbott.  Was a leading merchant in the county, owning a general grocery store, a brick and tile factory, manufactured and patented a plow, investor in the Orion Mills and a real estate investor.  Married Nancy Brock in 1873, daughter of Daniel & Caroline Brock. 

William L. Kennedy – born in 1845 in Lenoir County. Married Emily Hardee in 1874.  Was an established farmer and a stockholder in Orion Mill Knitting Co. 

Albert D. Parrott – born 1853 in Lenoir County, son of James M. & Elizabeth (Waters) Parrott.  Graduated from the University of Virginia with a civil engineering degree.  Served as Justice of the Peace. In  1876 married Elizabeth M. Karnegy.

1916 NC Yearbook

A fellow member of one of the genealogy societies I belong to shared a link tonight to a site with all kind of state directories. One of them, the 1916 North Carolina yearbook had the following items related to Lenoir & Craven counties:

  • 5 Jan 1915 — Mutual Aid Banking Company, of New Bern, negro institution, was closed.
  • 27 Feb 1915 – Emmet R. Wooten, of Kinston, Speaker of the House of Representatives,  died in Rex Hospital, Raleigh, as a result of an automobile accident on road near Raleigh in which William Aycock was killed.
  • 28 Feb 1915 – Late speaker Emmet R. Wooten buried at his home in Kinston, a great crowd in attendance at his funeral.
  • 25 Mar 1915 – Carter-Abernathy committee took up sitting in New Bern to hear other evidence in case
  • 29 Mar 1915 – Carter-Abernathy committee attached no importance to immorality charges, Chairman Doughton announced when Judge Frank Carter goes on stand in own behalf
  • 30 Mar 1915 – Carter-Abernathy committee heard oral argument and adjourned until April 26, when report will be formulated
  • 11 May 1915 – New Bern fire company tendered wholesale resignation
  • 12 May 1915 – N J Rouse, of Kinston, announced he will not be candidate for Attorney General against Judge Frank Carter
  • 31 May 1915 – Baugham case, which started the Carter-Abernathy controversy, discussed at New Bern.
  • 3 Jun 1915 – Judge George W. Connor, ordered at New Bern court, all records against Solicitor Abernathy explained.
  • 26 Jul 1915 – Kinston visited by $50,000 fire.
  • 31 Oct 1915 – Chief of Police,  C. M. Walters, of Raleigh, died on the day terminating his service of the city in that capacity, and C. F. Koonce, who was elected on the sixteenth of the month took charge.
  • 16 Nov 1915 – Fire destoryed Norfolk Southern shop at New Bern
  • 4 Dec 1915 – Mrs. Julia French, a real daughter of the revolution, died at Kinston

He Was Just Trying to Do His Job

And he ended up getting his trousers burned!

In searching for some information to help another researcher, I found the following newspaper article in GenealogyBank about one of her ancestors – William G. Rouse, former Chief of Police in Dover, Craven County.

Published in the January 26, 1913 issue of the Charlotte Observer. It describes how Rosco Avery and friends were celebrating Christmas with fireworks, after being told to stop “the racket,” Avery threw one of the firecrackers at Rouse.  The firecracker exploded at his leg and burned a hole in his trousers.

An interesting tidbit to add to the family history.