Negro Killed

Negro Killed: Shot by Policeman at Kinston While Breaking Into a Store
(Special to the Times-Dispatch)

Kinston, N.C., February 11 – This morning about 3 o’clock Night Policeman J.J. Dunn, while making his beat on North Queen Street, saw a negro named Walter Houston, alias Hunter, entering the store of W.W. Triton through the back way.  The officer fired at him seven times, three balls taking effect.  As soon as he started the firing the negro jumped and ran out through an alley, which opened on North Street, where he fell dead and lay until 9 o’clock, when Coroner R.W. Wooten viewed the body.  No inquest was deemed  necessary.  The body was turned over to the sheriff for burial.

When he searched this morning the authorities found only one apple in his pocket, but it is reported that he had already broken in one or two more places before he had gotten to Mr. Triton’s place of business, and had carried clothing, shoes, etc., away to some of his partners.

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