Schools and Holidays

From the 22 Dec 1898 issue:

  • Dr. LEWIS’ school closed today at 12:30pm.  There were no closing exercises because of the recent illness of Mrs. M.B.  THOMAS, the music teacher.  Dr. LEWIS’ school will commence on Monday, January 9th.
  • Mrs. ORMOND’s school also closed today at noon.  It will commence again on Monday, January 2d.  The closing exercises will take place Friday evening.  Because the school building is not large enough to accommodate the public, only the parents of the pupils invited to be present.
  • Miss Dora MILLER’s school will close Friday at noon and commence again on January 2d.  The closing exercises will be songs and Christmas recitations by the pupils. 
  • Prof. L.C. BROGDEN’s school at the public school building, will close Friday for Christmas holidays.  This will close Prof. BROGDEN’s private school.  On January 2d the public school will be opened, giving all who live in Kinston township a chance of free education. Prof. BROGDEN will be the principal of the school, and Miss Pattie PARROTT, who has been teaching in Prof. BROGDEN’s private school, will be one of the teachers.  Three more teachers are to be selected between now and the time for the school to commence.  There are over twenty applicants for positions as teachers, therefore the school committeemen will find no trouble from lack of material to select teachers from. 
  • One hundred nice new desks will arrive soon for the school.  About 200 pupils are expected to attend the public school.